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Oil painting alla prima technique


Oil painting in « alla prima » technique, means that the painting is being made while it is still not dry.
The oil painting « Alla prima » was the technique used by the famous Impressionist painters, whose inspiration was nature and living sujects. Alla prima technique gives the possibility to paint in that living energy, while the whole painting isn’t dry…
You will be personally guided to paint your oil painting step by step.

Oil painting is essentially leaning on colours, and games of light and shadows.  That’s whats reveals emotions and feelings, and the beauty of the instant time. Learn how to paing a living painting, may it be a stil life subject…All is life manifestation of energy, and oil painting is its medium…

Oil painting class 2021

Location and dates

Oil painting week end class in Aquitaine 2023

14th-15en-16th of july 2023 Oil painting class in Aquitaine

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You are at the right place

Have a look at the advices and make sure you are the right person at the right place... 😀 

Thank you for your good class, your patience and helpful hints. I think they will be particularly efficient for my "patine" work...Very educational, thank you !!!

Edwige D. Aquitaine oil painting class

More than a painting class, Corinne herself is a wonderful meeting...Thank you for all these exchanges, I'll still keep an excellent souvenir...and I promise, I won't grip anymore at my dirty painting hands ! ...See you next painting class for sure !

Valérie G. Bretany oil painting class

    Water-colour or oil painting

    How choose what corresponds most

    For your first painting course, how choose between water-colour and oil on canvas ?
    Let me give you some principal differences to help your choice…



    Water-colour is fluid and light, playing with transparancy and sweetness.
    Oil paint is a thick medium, giving a solid and denser result…


    Paper and brushes we use for water-colour are easy to clean and transport  and not bulky… 
    Oil paint, needs a canvas and an easel to paint with, and  drying time before transport.


    Unlike what people often think, oil paint is easier to practice than water-colour in wet on wet technique…

    But what is most important

    What is most important is NOT difficulty of the technique, or transport, or whatever… What is most important is how you feel when looking at a water-colour painting or an oil on canvas painting… Which technique attracts you most…

    Take a minute…

    Close your eyes, take a deep breath…

    Open them again, and look at these two paintings…

    Which one touches you most ?…Which one leaves you something substantial behind ?…

    Here we are…now you know ! So…?