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Corinne Vilcaz

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Professional painter since 1998. I've just been celebrating my 25 years of career...
I live my painting as a personal fulfillment...

I like to play with forms, lights, but always in the evocation, never in the reproduction...

Member of the National Salon of Fine Arts of Paris (Snba)
Member and medalist of the Arts-Sciences and Letters of France
International quotation Akoun, Artprice, i-Cac

Colors And Lines Inspire Me...

I am a passionate person...
Colors make me vibrate... I am very
sensitive to linear forms and geometrical flat tints which
underlie all my artistic universe, and are found as structures
structures of my paintings...

Corinne Vilcaz artiste peintre professionnelle

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Meet me in the four corners of France for all levels of oil painting or watercolor courses.



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In Aquitaine, Brittany, Provence or in Oléron

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