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About me

Bordering on abstraction, Corinne Vilcaz’s creations, with their uneven relief of white and deep black, combine red with ardour and flamboyance, giving us strong, sincere works.

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Corinne Vilcaz

Professional paintor

A professional oil and watercolour painter for over 25 years, my work is characterised by a colourist's approach in which the composition, with its geometric black and white outlines, contributes to the overall effect of the work itself.

Listed on the international art market, my work is exhibited in numerous galleries throughout France, as well as in Asia, the United States, Canada, Europe, etc.

My artistic approach

My painting consists of a suggestion through shapes and colours which sometimes plunges towards an abstraction of the background with which my painting has always enjoyed flirting...

It's an absolutely marvellous pleasure to suggest, to leave just enough shape and movement for us to instinctively understand the subject... with an attraction for the lines, the stretching of the colour, the contrasts, the impromptu bursts of light, which bring to the canvas this subtle language that the eye instinctively understands...

It's this game that attracts me, that of semi-figuration. Barely revealing through suggestion, and leaving the rest to the mysterious discovery of one's own heart...
This artistic category is both figurative and abstract, also known as Contemporary Figuration.

They talk about it

The artist's unmistakeable signature is his contemporary compositions of black and white, with just the right amount of shape and movement, punctuated by lines, stretches of colour, contrasts and impromptu bursts of light, bringing to the canvas the subtle language that the eye instinctively understands...

Art is what makes life more beautiful than Art

Focus on

25 years of career

Livre d'Artiste Vilcaz "Collector" 25 ans de carrière


In 2023 I had the opportunity to celebrate 25 years in the business… In this very special year, I wanted to celebrate this event as it should be, with a firework display of exhibitions, events and surprises… and the opportunity to say THANK YOU.

Thank you to all of you who have placed your trust in me and who have accompanied, followed and supported me throughout these 25 years.

Here’s a look back at an exceptional year…

Author and colomnist


Chronicles "La Toile des Multiples" by the painter Corinne Vilcaz, who offers her varied posts. Texts, stories of all kinds, poems and other fantasies can be found every week on Radio Bastides.

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