Artiste peintre professionnelle, Stages Aquarelle, Stages Huile

“You like a particular artist’s contemporary art style ? You have watched his paintings on Internet for instance, or on any Art magazine, and that gives you inspiration for your own practice ?”

THIS IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, even if you are not willing to do it bad… But in reality, you are not fully conscious that you are stealing that Artist.
He needed several long years of learning, practicing of his Art to get his own Art style up. And would you imitate it for your own, you would steal him… Law strictly condamns it. That is why a work of Art is the intellectual property of its creative artist only, and nobody has right to plagiarize it in anyway…
All and every Vilcaz’s paintings are reserved, legally registered and protected from any copyright.

Thus, any copy, any attempts of copy, of use, of screenshot, even at private use, are considered as plagiarism and legally condemned.
Thank you to respect our Artwork.


Painting artist in oil on canvas, I’m used to painting with brush and pallet knife as well. Dynamic colours make up the shape of volume and relief, giving the painting all its completion My artistic approach as an oil on canvas artist, stands on the presence of white colour that reveals light, and helps the contrasting colours to vibrate intensively. Long years as an oil painting artist, brought me my personal style of stretching lines up to down, creating large applats of colours and imaginary separations in an uncertain space. The artist creates what the eye will guess : the very subjet Essence.