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Oil on canvas paintings

A unique and singular artistic style

My work is part of a singular artistic style recognizable by its black-and-white outline compositions, its often dynamic colors, and a highly personal dominant touch, which, whatever the subject, gives my paintings all their relief, volume and dimension. This contemporary style gives my painting all its strength, and guarantees the customer a unique work, a signature whose quotation on the Art Market validates the value of the acquisition.

The importance of white

So many dynamic colors couldn't harmonize without white, the light par excellence, standing proudly among them as a bright, invigorating contrast.

The lines

The lines contribute to the infinite weave of a rising universe, in an uncertain space where the painter's gaze creates what the viewer's can only guess at: the very essence of the subject.

Here’s an artist who has found her own style: impressive, powerful works, carried by a harmony of pure colors from which seem to spring lines that are both figurative and poetic, and that flirt unabashedly with abstraction.
These are works with a strong “presence”, titillating the imaginary from the real.

Cathy Joly. La Dépêche

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Even if you don't think you're doing anything wrong, this is forbidden.

Without meaning to, you're harming the artist. It takes years of apprenticeship and practice for a painter to forge his own style. By imitating him, this value is stolen.

Any attempt at reproduction is punishable by law.

Any reproduction or attempted reproduction, use, screen copy or copy of the work, even for private use, is considered plagiarism and punishable by law. Thank you for respecting our work...

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