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The Art and the Way

Wet on wet technique

To create a watercolor, you must first observe your subject carefully, study its shape, perspective and format, and then place it on your sheet of paper, respecting a balanced composition.

Study its colors, relief, light and shadow. Then comes the task of choosing the pigments, mixing them skilfully and metering the water onto the sheet.

Let the water flow over the watercolor, wet your watercolor just right, neither too much nor too little, and let the watercolor live in the magic of wet on wet.

Aquarelle Corinne Vilcaz

Choice of the subject

It's important to feel the subject, to interpret it personally, to let your own emotions speak, your own language, and to let go of the technique so that watercolor becomes nothing but freedom, lightness and transparency... a whole art of manner... that expresses itself through water...

The Light

The white of the paper is the very light of a watercolour... the very light that will make all the other colors vibrate in contrast...

Pastel or colorfull water-color

Watercolors are often associated with pastel colors...but as a watercolor painter, I don't hesitate to work my colors dynamically, giving my watercolors intensity, volume and brilliance.

Wet on wet technique

The wet-on-wet technique is the one I've been using for years, because it gives me all the freedom, fluidity and so many possibilities that I don't find in dry watercolor...

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