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Art'niversaire Vilcaz


25years of career


In this very special year, I had in heart to celebrate this event as it should be, to make of it a firework of exhibitions, animations and surprises... and the occasion to say THANK YOU. Thank you to all of you who have trusted me and who have accompanied, followed and supported me during all these 25 years.

Collector's book Art'niversary

Special 25 years. Limited edition

It is already a great opportunity for a professional artist to have succeeded in the challenge of a career as a painter ... then in his lifetime, to be able to celebrate its 25 years, it is for me an honor ....
My "collector" artist's book, special 25 years, is a witness of this artistic adventure...the witness of the artist, of the work, and finally, of the work of a Life...

Published in May, this "Collector" book, published by the prestigious Parisian publisher "Le Livre d'Art", will be available for sale at my exhibitions, as well as at Fnacs, contemporary art fairs and other cultural venues...

Discover the artist’s book Vilcaz

"Collector" Art'niversary

Special 25 years. Limited series

Livre d'Artiste Vilcaz "Collector" 25 ans de carrière

An unforgettable memory...


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Collector’s book 15 Euros + postal charges France metropolitan

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Already various works on 25 years of course

Livre d'Artiste 2012 Vilcaz ou le crédo des couleurs
Livre Terre d'Art Vilcaz
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